• Liv V


Many songs that we write and put out are influenced by our surroundings. I think with all that is happening in the world right now there is a lot to absorb to discuss and draw attention to. I feel music is a way to get topics out. Sometimes you don't realize what you are singing until you have sang it a few times and it catches. Later you will start to make sense of the lyric and the point gets across. Others are draw in by the lyrics and don't need a catchy musical instrument to want to listen again. No matter what the song is in its entirety an artist put it out to get a point across or to make you aware of something. Sometimes it's just healing to put feelings out and know others listen. In the end, support artists and support the arts. Our feelings, emotion, and voice cannot go unseen or heard. We need to continue to allow all these talents to evolve and be expressed for harmony and balance in the world.

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