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Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Ive written a song called vinyl record recently that I think is so important and has a really different kind of sound. I think my love for thrift shopping and old vintage/antique things has inspired a really great song. I think there is an awesome story behind some of these finds. Who wore it, what year, and where did they buy it? Sometimes I'm sure the story isn't great, but how many stories are fairytales anyways?

So I wanted to also blog some thoughts because with the shootings continuing and the fact that evil will always present itself I had some thoughts to tie this together. I think it is important to realize that we are here for a reason. If you live through something tragic or something great there is a story to it to pass on to learn from or to share to help others understand. I know I wouldn't be the songwriter I am without all my experiences and without the understanding I have of humans and human kindness as well as pure and real evil.

There are many reasons as to why people do these things, but what we are lacking is the fear of consequence. Just because someone feels they have reason to punch another person doesn't mean you are entitled to do it. There are too many people thinking that because they have the right to a gun or can get their hands on one AND someone wronged them they feel that they can do what they want EVEN if that is kill-they don't think twice.

There's a lot of discussion on gun laws and rights to own a gun. While I think we all need to be able to protect ourselves, sometimes it is protecting ourself from ourself. I think that you have a choice. Having strong faith and in your mind keeping that connection present and using it to navigate life is such a blessing. Why don't more people use it? I don't think they are taught, maybe? There are categories of revenge and there are variations of mental illness. A suicidal person will half of the time find a way whether or not they have a gun or the means and many of these are feelings and emotions that they cannot deal with. Why is that? Are they not taught? Do they not understand? Are they mentally ill and don't know it? The possibility that it's all of thee above is an option too. I think the other half have a sense of reasoning and are trying to grasp control and clarity of a situation to resolve it in their mind. They either come to terms or are THEY screaming for attention.

I did work with Bullies Reality and the age of kids that have committed suicide is too young and the amount of children that took their lives too high...

It is insanely sad for children to be in these conditions to want to take their life and yet one person cannot save the world. The only way this will all stop is if more of my generation are sick of it and try to do something. WE need to appreciate life and all who fought for it. WE need to appreciate the freedoms. WE need to appreciate choices. WE need to try to be MORE FORGIVING AND MORE UNDERSTANDING AND NOT JUST REACT. Hurt can bring about a lot of great things coincidently. Many of my songs come from an extreme place of hurt no one will know about, but there are ways to cope. You can pray, sing, write, draw, exercise, and find groups of people that are not encouraging you in a negative way, OR GO THRIFTSHOPPING. WE need to recognize these things younger and do more about it. Many situations are terrible and unimaginable. Not everyone can speak on something they don't know of.

The right choices will always be the hardest choices and I have lost a lot of friends and people in making those choices, but it is my life and I want to make the best of it. I don't need to go down with people that cannot value life or themselves enough to make better decisions. I've found being the best me I can be and hoping people want to be my friend because of it is my choice. If they don't want to hang with me that is ok. You guys will be ok. There are so many people in the world willing to love, wanting to be kind naturally, and caring unconditionally.

I don't want people who love me for what I can offer to them and then don't call or text when they don't need anything from me. If you care you just do. Lessons in life are hard and again the right choice is always harder. Let go of people who you don't feel you can trust and are on a path of destruction. They almost always will bring you down with them. Recently, I reached out to a friend that I care about and know is such a kind person that was being dragged down a bad path because it was supposedly cool. I think he's on the right path now because he's too kind, too smart, and too loved to just leave earth because of a bad patch at the time.

Take time to think things through and let go of baggage. Don't hold onto something that isn't true that someone says about you. If you know you're different than what they are saying then let their words fall. It is actually more shocking to walk away and succeed than to stay for people who don't make you feel worthy. YOUR CHOICES CAN BE ETERNAL FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED-ADVOCATE FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOUR LIFE ONLY-DO NOT BE A STATISTIC AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHER'S LIFE.

P.S. When you are feeling down, know that place can make you stronger. Then take a trip to a store. I like the vintage ones because of the unique stuff I find. I loved this old half turtle neck at the thrift store and cut it off to make a head band. I have no idea if it was a boy or girls, but I'm sure it was from a different time and has been places and maybe it will bring me luck? Try one and tag me in a pic @livbrodie3 #beyourownkindofbeautiful #justlovemore #besmarter

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