• Liv V

evolving in a time where life is on pause

How do we move forward when each road is blocked. I have been telling myself only positive things because thinking of reality was truly depressing for some time.

So I have been just telling myself I'm going to make it one day. My music and work is going to eventually speak for itself. I have some projects I've been deep into and excited about. I have expanded Liv V music and worked with a variety of indie artists now. I have some collaborations released already and look forward to more.

I thought for a few months life was on pause and I didn't know exactly what to do with myself or where to turn. When you get right above the rocks they call rock bottom whether it's an addiction or it's just life and you feel yourself falling, you find hope and pick yourself up. It changes you and challenges you to seek more from inside. That sounds cliche to say out loud, but it is true. We have to find ways to evolve and have since we have been born. So many live through things unimaginable. Boaters found out drifting for days, children who have lived on barely anything, and people with no money still finding things to give. It's in us.

The faith sometimes is hard to find, but it's always there. The faith in ourselves can disappear and we become self destructive which never benefits anyone especially our families and us. If you want to go anywhere we always have to think forward and breathe it into existence. For now, I'm breathing in the success I know I will have one day and in the way I hope to. I am making a mindful effort to say it out loud to myself so I don't forget and lose my confidence in it.

Think of Santa, the best part was believing in something greater, something magical, something unexplained. What if we are the magic, the unexplained, the something greater?

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