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COVID-19 Happy 18th to me!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Do I go get that Starbucks or not?

Craving a pink drink on my bday and wanting to head out to just enjoy the sunshine, I am conflicted on it all.

I think it's crazy that we are not paying attention to climate change and the advances in science to predict the future, but won't fully commit to a path of change. However, today we are all at a dead hault to avoid a major crisis due to the Covid-19. I do agree with trying to manage better to slow it down and protect as many as possible to get the things they will need in the hospital when or if the time comes. My past experience with the flu leaves me slightly skittish on going out or wanting any part of this new virus. However, I am quite impressed we can create such a national emergency on this topic and not others. To be continued...

So I was trying on outfit ideas all morning in an attempt to feel I'm celebrating in some way turning 18. Of all things in the world it's the least of concerns though. I have just finished two more songs for my upcoming album that excite me. I have been listening back to all the tracks I have done and am getting so happy about what's to come of my music. I feel my perspective relates to many, but many that are not necessarily out and doing all the 'normal things.' I don't know what is necessarily normal anymore as it does seem the world of sports has left my body, I am finding so many others doing things that make them happy instead of just supporting others in what they do. I think it's actually a great thing that people are finding their own hobbies and being confident in pursuing what they want to be good at or interests them.

I didn't see it for a long time while immersed in the sports world. So many that aren't part of a team are left to find a place to belong. Often this seems to separate you from many you thought were close friends. I don't think its a bad thing though because it allows you to open a part of yourself you may not have ever found to invest in if you didn't get away and find time for you.

I thought I missed some people and things I always was used to being a part of and in reflection of it all it helped me gain insight on who actually cares about the person you are when you aren't subject to being involved in whatever it was that you were part of. I think it helps you to separate what's worth putting your energy and time into. I have learned that the people that truly care will take the time to invest in you as you do for them. I have observed that we can become extremely selfish in so many aspects and I can't decide if its a result of my generation and social media causing a almost standoffish stance or just a "I don't care" attitude so they aren't vulnerable to get hurt.

Being vulnerable will be the only way to find a true connection. For now, I am still enjoying working on me and working on trusting again. I was looking forward to summer shows, but it seems that is all on hold now. Stay healthy peeps! For now please go stream and share my latest song Stranger with a few classes of children that helped bring it to life. Share our voices of change. Please take some time to email if you want from my website you can click the heart button and mail any topics or questions you might have for me.

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