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Are you a viewer or a supporter?

You ever find yourself just scrolling through facebook, instagram, twitter, or snapchat and just never clicking like? Do you think I like this or don't like that and just say nothing at all? I find myself often just watching tutorials that people put a lot of time into and I caught myself not hitting like. I was thinking that so often people don't care for my cover or like a picture, but then will get some statistic show up that says 15k people viewed this picture and then there are only 1000 that hit like.

Its crazy what a like will do for you. If there are a lot of likes it stops someone else and makes them think what is there to like and do I like it? I believe I put a lot into what I do with music and I wondered why some people have decided not to like things. Im not sure when exactly they stopped liking, but I continued to do what I do. However, I have wondered if we aren't overwhelmed by so much that as a viewer we are just scrolling like you would watch a television show with no involvement really just a simple relaxing and entertaining sit down.

I think the fact that there are so many programs and fake channels out there is very deceiving to whether or not one million people really like something. I find myself being stingy with my likes and I wonder if other people do the same. I like to support real content, real people, real lyrics, real funny, real videos, and just plain real candid moments in photos or videos. I need to give the artists, comedians, youtubers, dancers, fitness trainers, and whomever I find interest in the support they deserve because they are the ones creating visuals for us to enjoy. As to music, we can all agree that it is very subjective, but if you like someone is doing please support us with the like and comments. If we are intently trying to put good content out and entertaining for free I think the least we can do is give them a thumbs up? Right? I mean Vine disappeared very quickly and if we don't want that to happen to another app we enjoy then I think we need to really support them and give the deserving ones our Like.

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you think!!!

Liv V

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