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All about my upcoming album

In the works... Lots of new lyrics and more stories to come. Stay Tuned. 'ON TRACK' is going to be great! ~LivV

This next album following Sidetracked is full of heart, but in a different way. I put the caring side of my soul into the first album. I sang of hurt, disappointment, love, and about believing that my ship is coming. This second album, On Track, is about just that. I have been working on things that are just coming so natural to me because they are stories that have come from moments in time that stopped for me this year. I took that moment and have created great music from them. Some are about myself and some are about others and you can't write about what you don't know so we will see what comes out when it's all done. One of my songs "Old Soul" I wrote about myself. Thats as vulnerable as it gets in music is writing what you truly feel and think of yourself and then putting it out there to either be appreciated or criticized. I think, in the end, I am happy with who I am and no matter what anyone thinks I love what I have accomplished so far. Believing in what you do and who you are is the definition of authentic music I guess. Thank you for all the streams and downloads. I hope to have your continued support and feedback.~Liv V

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