Liv V

"I'm the kind of person you don't really need to tell to work harder because I have always just wanted to do the best I can and that overflows into my music." ~Liv V

Liv V, a 15 year old from what is known as the Mitten state, has released her first album to start off 2018.  This past year has been full of various streaming channels, musicians, and shows mailing to include her style and voice in part for their projects.  Liv V;  however, has a dream of her own.  

She has been a lover of the writing and composing process since she began at 7 years old.  She realized she loved singing when she started school.  

She would come home and work on artwork for many hours with her mother, a local artist, and just sing the entire time.  She listened to David Gray, Adele, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Nina Simone, Elvis, Pat Benatar, One Eskimo, and Paramore to name a few. She really started to get into the shows popular for singing competitions.  So many pieces inspired her writing and her thought process.  "I think I'm destined to do something great in music, I just am not sure where exactly my place will be" says the Indie Artist.

Shockingly for 15, Liv V has quite an observant view on life.  She has taken so many situations from life in all aspects and put them into meaningful words and well-thought out perspectives.  She has been able to convey emotion and sing from a place of "being there." 

"Every time she comes in to record she comes at me with a new challenge and an obvious task at hand.  She's grown a lot in the first album and I look forward to what she will bring in next." -DjWiz

With people mailing more and wanting to collaborate,  the artist believes she is gaining some respect from those who support her on social media. She feels that the feedback is a compliment and appreciates all who have supported her efforts in music.  "I will continue to stay true to myself and to try to put music out that makes others feel someone wrote a song about a time in their life when they felt no one noticed.  I think music is an opportunity to create joy, give comfort in sadness, and inspire you to do what moves you" said Liv V.


Every artist has a place in this world. One of the lines in an upcoming song from the next album(On Track) reads 'I'm only capable of laying out the truth and letting people know that our future is our youth.'  I think she's convicted to leaving her mark on this world or "Tracks", if you will.

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